On yesterday, I had a real “transparent” conversation with my husband.  We were both sitting in our recliners working away on our laptops, and I whispered, “I need for you to pray for me.”  In his most loving and reassuring voice, he asked me “for what.”  I began to share with him how the enemy had been trying to take me down the road of “comparison” lately.

I found myself talking to more and more people who had all of this wonderful time on their hands that they did not seem to appreciate it – they were complaining about it.  I was also having increased conversations with people that had more money than they seemed to know what to do with, yet they were unhappy and discontent.

So in my “keeping it real style” – I told my husband that I was struggling with this because – oh how I longed to increase my time capabilities in a day, and oh how the ability to write checks without conferring with the budget excited me.

It was just the two of us, and I was pouring out these negative feelings and emotions so that I could come clean about them and not end up at a pity party that I threw for myself – and chose not to invite anyone to join me.

My dear sweet husband listened to me share and then said one thing that changed my entire perspective.  He posed one question, “What about your strength, Keisha?”  My response went a little something like, what does that have to do with anything.

He said, “Do you have any idea how many people would trade your strength any day for their time and their money?” In the moment, I began to shrug him off, but this morning as I spent time in prayer, God gently reminded me that it is so easy to look at other people’s “gots” and compare them to our “nots.”

This little morning reminder was a sweet Holy Spirit nudge to appreciate all that we have (the big, little, and minuscule), Who we have (living on the inside of us), what we have (a purpose and a plan), Where we have it (right now in Christ Jesus).

My friend, it’s time that we changed our perspective on the glass. Our glass is not half empty; it’s not missing anything; it has not suffered from a shortage…instead, it has just what we need in this season in our lives to prepare for our next one correctly.

Get Real Reflection

  1. What makes you unique and dynamic?
  2. What are your greatest strengths?
  3. How has God wired you differently than others?

Stop comparing yourself to others and Go Be Great For Jesus!